Spousal Support

Ask An Expert Chalk IllustrationSpousal support is one of the more contentious issues to arise during a divorce.  This can be especially true in non-traditional relationships.  If you are in the process of ending your marriage and you believe spousal support and other financial concerns might be the cause of intense conflict, Jerry Bottelberghe can help.

Jerry has worked with a variety of families, all with unique concerns and issues.  He understands that every family is different, but often the need for understanding and guidance are the same.  Jerry believes mediation can help families attain the best and most peaceful resolution to conflicts revolving around spousal support, even when no solution seems possible at the outside.  The process puts those most affected by the outcome in control and ensures that everyone’s opinions are respected and understand during negotiations.

Is your family in transition? Are you hoping to find a way to move from one phase to the next without contentious battles and courtroom drama over spousal support? For more information about how Jerry can help you and your family, or to schedule a consultation to discuss your family legal issue in Minnesota, contact him at 507.530.2029 or by email at jrbrmb123@yahoo.com.