Scope of Safe Place

The scope of the children residential treatment center will to ensure that each client has a safe place to discover themselves. In these discoveries they will experience there are people they can trust, work through their emotional turmoil, discuss what is important to them, have good access to education with all the benefits that an educations has to offer, have the ability to have in-depth discussion with staff and a therapist that supports them, have good meals and a private space to understand who they are and want to be, explore ways and issues for them to become better adults by understanding their own issue of trauma, abuse and mental health needs. All of these concerns will be the scope of the safe place with the rules and regulations the state has for their safety. They will have 24 hours supervision with certified staff. There will be quick access to medical staff such as an ambulance and law enforcement if needed; there will be access to pastoral staff to support their belief system when requested.

The strengths of this facility are to foster strong healthy viable young adults that have worked through their turmoil. There is a very great need for a place, such as this, in Southwestern Minnesota. The safe place will offer parenting classes to help reunite the child with their family. The family unit is core in helping the child’s progress from the safe place to being on their own within their family unit. The long term goals of this facility will reduce the need of county help, lower the crime rates in the judicial system and reduce the needs of mental health facilities that are stretch to their limits of who they can serve.

The opportunities of the safe place are many fold. First it is a safe place for those that need help for their issues with a great staff that has been trained to understand youth. The second will teach / foster better family relationships that will keep the family unit together. Third the burden of the juvenile court system will have fewer juveniles in their system. Fourth each resident shall become a responsible adult to feel great about their accomplishments. The staff is a great opportunity because it will bring in much needed professionals in the area and their income will be re-spent in the area that will help all of the local business. These opportunities benefits every one- the resident, the staff and the families that have a family member at Safe Place and the community because of the expenditures in the community that always come back to the local merchants and responsible young adults that will secure good position/jobs in society.

Weakness of this project is the need is so great and the number that can be served is regulated by state regulations – the number of 15 beds per unit is a weakness because the need is so great. Another weakness is the cost per resident. This is a complex issue. By spending monies up front will save other expenditures in the future but to have the public understand this concept is difficult. The public wants a fast return on their investment but investing in people is a long term venture. To overcome this weakness is to talk and talk to those that fund this project and help them understand this is a long term venture with positive results. The issue of a 15 bed facility is a challenge but if funding becomes available build another facility close by and help more clients.

The major threat to this project is if someone else wants to build and operate a center such as this. The threat is very low but plausible. I have discussed this gerad Place in Austin and their staff said goes for it we need more places such as this to help our clients. There is a great need. I believe the threat to be not existing but plausible.

Here is the possible cost of operations based on a year of employment of staff and other costs:

This is in addition to the final cost of the build; which is attached of about $2750000 and an estimated cost of operation for a year of operation.

Proposed Business

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