Pride FlagIf you or a family member is involved in a dispute and there are LGBT issues involved, Jerry Bottelberghe can help.  He is an experienced moderator who believes there is a way to resolve disputes without permanently damaging relationships.

Jerry has experience and understands the sensitive nature of the LGBT population because of his personal and professional experiences.  He knows that every situation is unique, but many of the same themes run throughout LGBT disputes and family struggles.  He wants to help families find a better and more productive way to resolve conflict and move forward without destroying their family ties over a singular dispute.

Families can be complicated and complex, and many of them need outside resources to help them resolve conflict.  Those that understand asking for this assistance is not a sign of weakness, but instead one of strength and family loyalty, are the ones that are most successful in preserving family unity.  If you live in Minnesota and you are involved in a family dispute that involves LGBT issues, contact Jerry Bottelberghe at 507.530.2029 or by email at to discuss your situation or schedule a consultation.