Juvenile Crime ConceptAny time a child faces emotional or behavioral struggles, can be difficult for the entire family.  Protecting the well-being of a child, especially when that child is in crisis, is essential to securing a chance at a happy future.  If your child is involved in a struggle of any kind and your family needs a resource to assist in resolving that struggle, Jerry Bottelberghe can help.

Unfortunately, when a child makes a mistake the consequences can be devastating and put that child on a path to trouble for the rest of his or her life – despite making just one mistake early in life.  This is why it is essential to find someone who not only understands the legal system in Minnesota, but who is also willing to help your family find a better way of resolving the issue at hand.  The system is unpredictable and often works in favor of those in authority – even at the expense of a child.  You need someone on your side offering the guidance and support you need to make the best possible decisions.

If circumstances have led to your child facing any sort of challenge and you want to be sure the situation goes as smoothly as possible, contact Jerry Bottelberghe at 507.530.2029 or by email at jrbrmb123@yahoo.com.